Yes, we know writing services can be expensive but we have several ways you can earn discounts!

  • Most writing services will charge relatively the same rate per page and base the price per page more heavily on the level of the essay and the time frame that the paper is due in. We at also consider these particulars but the more pages and essays that need to be completed the average price will drop! This includes submitting more than one project at once.
  • Returning customers receive discounts. Being that most of our clients are overly happy with our services they tend to return often. We generally assign a unique identifier to each client in order to apply this discount.  The discounts start at 10% BUT we do combine other methods as well to obtain larger discounts
  • Refer a friend! If you refer a friend we will apply a discount according to the size of their project. Minimum 5% off to start. We do have clients that get their essays and research papers (etc) essentially completed for free just from their referrals.